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1. I’m a transplanted Kiwi, I live in Scotland and have since 1993, I still miss the sort of climate where you can grow your own lemons and apricots and decent radishes
2. I am married to a man who is devoted to the study of gravel (he mathematically studies river sediment) but gravel is usually more of a conversation stopper. My mother said I should have married someone useful, I guess she could tell by looking at him, that despite his deep and insightful knowledge of little pebbles, laying a decent path or doing anything useful with them is an achievement we are unlikely to see in this lifetime
3. we were the proud-owner drivers of three Mc-Kiwis, none of which were planned, still if they had been, they'd have been assembled wrong and have all their little bits and a few more in weird and wonderful places...
4. The two surviving McKiwis are getting bigger and scarier day by day, they are in their twenties. Nr.1 child has autism and is seriously smart in a wonky computer type of way, Nr.3 child is a constant source of bemusement
5. We had pet rabbits called Theophilus and Rachel and then Daphne. Rachel and Daphne were the only planned additions to our family
6. All the rest of my family live back home in New Zealand
7. I love my family very much, they are quirky, cranky and kind of crazy and I am profoundly grateful for it
8. My sister is the bravest person on earth
9. She is also one of the kindest
10. I was a complete pain in the arse as a little sister (and possibly still am)
11. I am seriously left-handed
12. My first ambition as a little chick was to grow up to be a plant
13. I am now in my early 50s and have given up the idea that one day I will be a grown up (so the likelihood of turning into a plant seems somehow remote)
14. Most days when I wake up I am surprised I am no longer 8 years old
15. Knitting is the only thing I do right handed
16. I am a Evidence and Information Scientist in the NHS, no, I don't know what my job title means either
17. People often tell me I am not what they expect from a librarian/Information Scientist
18. I work in a wonderful team of fabulous people but we are very different
19. I talk a lot when I get going
20. I am seriously dis-organised
21. I wave my arms a lot when I talk about things that excite me (hang on tight to your coffee mug or tea cup)
22. It takes an awful lot to get me cross
23. I have a ferocious temper but a really long fuse
24. I get over it really quick
25. I get irritated by sulkers
26. I don’t like manipulative bullies
27. For that reason I don’t like the husbands mother or father, or his sister and they don't like me - I take that as a good sign
28. I absolutely hate bananas
29. Feijoas and kiwifruit also revolt me
30. I don't like telephones
31. I hadn’t met any of my husbands family until just before we got married, if I had, I would not have married him, he knows this
32. I am pretty good at drawing maps
33. ....but utterly crap at following them
34. .... or following instructions in general, recipes are a guide afterall


music, knitting, food, reading, wildlife and gardening, social history, outdoors (especially plants), photography, fused glass, jewellery making, sewing, making messes, travel, food......