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No Fear of Fashion

Oh my goodness Juliet, I was checking your blog out because you commented for th first time on my blog. I always do that to avoid approving malicious people who want to damage my blog. So I was puzzled by the big gap between the former posts and the two last ones. So I read.... oh my God, you must have been in hell. Part of you probably still is. I knew prople could die of a heart attack at 31 (happened to two acquaintances of mine), but 17 1/2.... And here I paused for the longest time as I cannot find any words to console you in any way. There probably aren't any.
I am glad you found the strength to get back and start blogging again. As I think you are ever so good at writing and bloody funny. Sounds strange to say this in the same comment.
PS I do not knit. At all. Not since primary school where it was compulsory.

the embellished existence

Thank you, Simon was (and still is) a joy and I try to celebrate him. To say there are no words is really comforting - as so often people try and say the "right thing" there is no right thing I guess, so thank you


I don't know why I clicked on the name of your blog in my bookmarks, as I knew you hadn't posted in years, but I did. No, there are no words, are there.

But I'm glad you're back, Juliet.

the embellished existence

Hi Jeanne - thank you, that is such a sweet comment. I feel ready to be back exploring the blogisphere again :) Simon was and continues to be an inspiration, he didn't live a long long but he lived a good life full of love and kindness

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