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Oh dear, I've got all this to come- my daughter's only 18 months! I have narrow feet and get my shoes from James Inglis (near Edinburgh) or Special Feetures (near Southampton)

No Fear of Fashion

Because of my insane obsession with clothes, I have kept the same weight after turning 36 (I was 12 kilos less until 32, really skinny). You see, I will confess as I think you won't judge me, I have 4 1/2 meters of clothes hanging on racks, very tightly together. Get the word obsession? So gaining weight and getting another size is really destroying capital.
And even I have issues in shops. Like: 3/4 sleeves please and a high neckline. Both to hide the massive wrinkling of my skin (bad genes). Dresses and skirt down to my knee please, no.. this one is really too short. Then there is my shape (an inverted triangle), no waist, no hips, no bum, but a bulging belly.
Still, I bet you are going to say: "woman, stop complaining. You have nothing to complain about" haha. I hear you. Being tall is an advantage when it comes to clothes.
PS: you should really have a plug-in that allows you to approve someone commenting for the first time. You are in danger of allowing internet destroyers on to your blog when you allow anybody to place a comment.

the embellished existence

Hello Daisy - Greetings and welcome. Oh 18 months... so cute at that age and exhausting if I remember. They start out wonderful, then get better, and then by the time they are the age of madam they are brilliant - often unintentionally hilarious and rather spectacular in some of their opinions but trailing along in the wake of a 21yr old is a joy (if a little white knuckle at times) and just a little expensive - thanks for the tips re shoes, I'll investigate!

the embellished existence

Hi Greetje, Thank you so much for stopping by! I would never judge - apart from saying I am awed. The same weight and a wonderful wardrobe - this has really got me thinking, and I think what is wonderful about both or either fact, is that you KNOW yourself and value yourself also - is it obsession or investment? Well I would say investment and the only judgement I would hesitatingly offer is that I think that is brilliant and we should all invest in ourselves so I think really rather inspirational to others.

I came back to blogging to learn from other bloggers out there, and I am already - so have nailed down those comments :) and also to be myself as I want to be, there are things I want to change and consider and this is one way of making myself accountable and making those positive changes to the outside to reflect the inside

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