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Fantastic photos - the glass sculpture is beyond stunning! I can only imagine what it must have been like to be up close with it. I am very jealous. M and you together sound devine - hang onto the special people when you find them :)


Sounds fantastic - only wish I could have been around to join in and show you "My" London. Still you can always plot another visit....


How lovely! It is wonderful to find such a sympathetic travelling companion. And I love those photos -- that entrance is particularly fabulous, and the glass sculpture is great fun!


Lovely! So nice to hear about your trip! And Singapore in Oct? Wow!


You are fortunate to have found such a traveling companion! It makes all the difference. Did you get to wear either of your lovely finished projects? BTW, the glass sculpture is by Dale Chihuly.


Sounds like a great trip!


Oh, wow. Looks wonderful! And I would totally travel with you! Churches? Yes! Cocktails before bed? Yes! Travel? Yes! Love the pictures!

Maureen Areglado

I'm not sure if you're blogging any more or are just taking a break...but could you please send me the source for the little grey sweater you posted on September 12? It has short sleeves and a lacy pattern on the yoke.
Thanks very much...happy knitting!

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