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I am completely sympathetic regarding the ungrateful teenagers. You have my permission (although you don't need it) to remain grouchy. I'm sure you realize there are several more years of tolerating their mankiness, clutter, and dust and then poof, they'll be gone, and you and gravel-guy will have your own tidy space again. Poof. I miss my kids.


Also...your FOs are really lovely.


Oh good grief, I hope I never behaved like that when I was a teenager...


The knitting is gorgeous, the crankiness is completely understandable. I tend to think of chores not as child labor, but as training for adulthood. :)


Am just catching up with blog reading, and oh my goodness, I so missed seeing this! That knitting is beautiful! Details?

Keep knitting, to keep calm...


Oh, I did have a good laugh just now. In complete and utter sympathy, I hasten to add.


I'm with you--kids need to clean up after themselves. Of course, Girlfriend is totally against any cleaning done by herself, so I can't really give any advice--just support :). My thought is that some day she will have to live with human beings that are not her immediate family and will need know how to not alienate those people.

The sweaters are very pretty! What's the pattern for the 2nd one??

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