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I've started Muse this week, and it might even be in the same colour - mine's Skipper, due to the nautical name. Yours looks lovely.


I'm sorry your life has been so tiring and stressful recently, but if it helps, your knits are gorgeous! And that looks like the right green from here - beautiful embellishment :)

Dawn in NL

Hey, you have done really well getting three things finished and they all look great. I love Chinoiserie but I always shy away from embroidery.

Hang in the last weeks before school starts will fly past.

All the best,


I love the photos - the flowers and gardens are simply radiant. The knitting isn't too bad either :) Love the Chinoiserie - I'll have to see if I can get my hand on a copy of the pattern.
Please, please, please, post more - your blog always brightens my day.


Lovely knitting! And I agree--pottering is a singular sport. I now have DD and DH aboard since it's summer vacation--not the same. And I can't outlast them--they will stay up as long as I stay up. Sigh. School starts again in 1 week--can't wait!

Have kind of dropped off on knitting--summer does that to me :). Am knitting Ishbel--very fast and satisfying!

Nice to be back in touch :).

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