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Oooo, I like your cardigan. And your flowers are just lovely. My star Magnolia and my nectarine tree are blooming--they look so pretty.

Girlfriend also worries about me constantly. It's interesting to have a child who worries. You feel like you should be the worrier, yet here they come, worrying over you. Of course, my daughter can't crush me (yet), but she can sure get an intense running start and run me over when she wants to :).

Yeah, I feel like we have school holidays all over the place. Way more than I had as a kid. Then again, I probably walked to school 50 miles each way in the snow w/no shoes, so who am I to judge??


Wow another FO - well done you - such a great colour too. Nr 2 sounds just lovely. I get the bone crunching bear hugs too......

Wish you lived nearer. Our new bungalow has a lot of plantlike things that need well erm.....something doing to them. Poor things. I can cope with tulips, daffs and bluebells and established roses but thats it I'm afraid.
Love to look at them but haven't got a green-fingered bone in my body. And I'm a flippin Taurean? Whats going on!

Glad you had a lovely week off - forgot to mention on your previous post. I need alone time. Just me and Scruffs during the day is perfect :)


Lovely photos! My kids aren't old enough to be embarrassed by me yet, but my neighbors all look at me funny when I'm out there with my camera taking pictures SO close to my flowers.

Great cardi, too.

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