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I thought students felt funny all the time. I fell flat on my face and broke my glasses once, and grazed my nose and top lip. I got the impression that people didn't ask about it in case it was my husband that did it, even although I don't have a husband. I was travelling at the time and spent the rest of the day in an A&E in Chicago, which was interesting - when I got home, all my friends were far more interested in hearing about the hospital than any of the art galleries and museums I had visited on the trip. Get some calendula cream and put that on the graze and stitches constantly: I usually scar very badly but I didn't after that fall and that's what I put it down to. I was able to claim for new glasses on my insurance; check if you can too.

Is that enough advice to be going on with?

Carol Juniper

Love the water pistol - have shooed my neighboours two dogs off one of my raised beds today so any more transgressions and I might be buying one for myself.


I had to laugh -- I hope it works! And I hope you heal up quickly, it's no fun to have a banged-up face, let alone hands that don't want to knit. :)


Blimey - crumbs that was a fall and a half! Hope its healing well :)

Love the story of the water pistol. Did make me laugh. And good for you for not letting your kids & their friends play with guns at yours.


Oh no--I'm so sorry about your fall! Sounds a lot like my fall last spring. I think the sidewalks are starting to fight back--after all those years of being walked all over, they've had enough and they're not going to take it anymore. I think we all need to keep our eyes on them. Seriously, though, I can totally empathize with you! The broken glasses, hurt and bruised face, messed up hands, the works. Heal quickly!

I don't know if you got the same question I keep getting--were you drunk? Um, no.

About the garden--I say good girl! Those cats drive me crazy. I'm tempted to do the same thing after they used my veggie garden as a toilet all winter. I advise putting some cayenne pepper in the water to give them something to remind them of you :)...


Oh dear. Hope your forehead heals well and that cats stays away

Sandie kerensky

I hope you have got over your trauma now and that you are healing fast.
Love the story about the water pistol, must tell mum as she is plagued with cats in her lovely garden.


Well that made me cuss a little. Sorry you had scarce little sympathy. If it had been one of them, I'm sure they'd have played it up with grandiosity.

Anyway! Your tulip pics are beautiful. Hope you heal up all good as new in no time flat.

Robyn Peterson

Sorry I didn't hear about this earlier - hope you are well recovered by now...and holding back until the day one of them comes home with a sad tale of woe - I hope you can manage a "oh dear - too bad" sort of comment and leave it at that! Rotten kids!

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