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Wish I'd taken the week off as well! I'm envious of that quilt, I had to use blinkers to walk past that stand after you'd shown me your purchases. Don't you just love the antique tools etc on Gallowglass - I bought a wooden container that holds DPNS, some bone Tunisian crochet hooks and one intriguing hook that had an "eye" at the other end.

I've made a start on the Lanark Tweed and sneaked back and bought some of the aran weight on saturday!


HI- I love the buttons. Will we ever have enough buttons?
Have a great week-end


Oh my, your Cosima is beautiful! Makes me want to stop everything and knit it! And the quilt top looks lovely--even if it is from a kit!

The buttons are amazing. I love how they're packaged. So clever!!


I love it all..the knitting, patchwork and Stirling ! I visited Stirling in 2004 and had a great day wandering around the castle and town, your photo brought back some happy memories for me, thank you.


Beautiful buttons -- esp. the red square ones and the ones in the bottom right corner that remind me of Gothic church window tracery!


Ooh I'm loving that Cosina - gorgeous shade too isn't it? Hmm might have to dig out some Summer Tweed. Gosh I love that stuff!

And what a great button haul :)

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