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The thought of anyone stapling their crotch back together while wearing them is just too funny to think about. Kids eh?


OMG! That is so funny! Of course, DH is an expert at stapling his trouser cuffs, but I never saw him doing the crotch...

I'm loving the fact that your son thought to tell you as everyone was running out the door. That is so classic! My daughter does that with her hair (which she insists needs to be very long)--as we're walking out of the door, all of a sudden she realizes that her hair is in a gigantic knot that needs about 1/2 hour of steady brushing to smooth out. Tough, I say. I just send her to school--looking like a character from "Oliver Twist"...


LOVE it! What I really love is that you obviously said some version of "It's your problem dear". Good for you.

Happy New Year. You are officially my first blog read of 2009.


Mothering is the same around the world. I'm a BAD MOM, too, lets start a club. I jet out the door to catch the bus, which takes all my focus in the morning, here in Boulder, Colorado, as well. I did finish a pair of spiral boot socks for my 11 year old daughter in time for her valentine's day party, which she loved. It seems to have filled the tank for a while. I'm sure she has stapled stuff while wearing, if not, I'm sure she will at some point. Hilarious!!

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