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Hi Juliet
Adele looks great, buttons included! And such a nice name for a knitted garment, I think. I love both Cosima and Eastlake, although anything from Norah Gaughan usually makes me weak at the knees (Hubby wishes he still had that effect on me....)



I think the buttons on Adele are splendid, as is Adele. I always like the look of moss stitch, but my moss stitch is so floppy that there's no point in my attempting large amounts of it.

I faved Eastlake on Ravelry on the weekend. Are you on Ravelry? I'm chronicknitting.


I'm so impressed - another FO already! Love how offspring no. 2 likens to a squirrel. It did make me smile! Are you buried under lots of snow? We've never had as much here. I need me some gloves with fingers asap!


I love your Adele--and I think the buttons look just fine! I'm loving your new yarns--and the colors make me giddy inside, too. Cosima is lucious. And Eastlake is one of my favorite Gaughn patterns!! Wow. I may have to just copy what you knit for the rest of the year...

Victorian Lace Today is amazing, isn't it. I feel the same way--I just want to knit a bunch of things from it.

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